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What do we need to pay attention to when we buy shelves?
Jul 18, 2018

Choose the shelves to see their product types and size, weight and quantity. Light bulk goods of many kinds of products with light angle steel frame, carton type, box type of products to be more selected in the medium shelf or three column shelves, this shelf length from 1.2 meters can be made to 2.5 meters, single layer can put multiple boxes, turnover box, Sheng utensils. Attic platform to put some more irregular products, large lightweight products, this product is mostly too much of the area, and the Attic platform is in situ surface on the basis of the installation of a floor, greatly saving the storage site, but also improve the utilization rate of the high altitude.

Double loft shelves for the storage of accessories and small pieces of goods distribution, parts library, heavy shelves used in electronic products industry, paper, a variety of industries, the use of shelves to pay attention to the load-bearing performance of the shelves, can not overload use, it is best to determine the weight of the product after the shelf. Using display shelves is not easy to display overweight products. Supermarket shelves are mainly used to display products. Angle steel shelves are used to store more dispersed products. A lighter type of product. The main advantages of storage to find products convenient. Simple to assemble. Price concessions, medium shelves are used to store boxes and slightly larger items. Manual access to goods. The shelf structure is simple, the layer board may choose, chooses the steel plate or the wooden splint to put the goods, the same firm, many uses in the large medium and small-sized storehouse, as well as the production workshop and the Place room.

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