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Design Principles And Planning Of Storage Shelves
Jul 18, 2018

1. Shelf layout

Planning The layout of the shelves to meet the electrical business Customer logistics management of the degree of refinement, the planning program for repeated communication and argumentation, such as new shelves listed in the former, best-selling shelves listed next, Ping shelves listed in the most far-unsalable shelves. In order to facilitate faster access, when the shelves are idle or large occupancy, how to adjust the location of the goods to ensure efficient shipments, such as the need for detailed planning. And to fully consider the electrical business warehouse operating flow and management process, as far as possible to make the main aisle smooth, and ensure that the correct flow of goods, to avoid in the warehouse operation is not large enough to cause obstruction of the channel.

2. Choice of shelf 

Type Shelves according to function and load can be divided into many types, and the use of what kind of shelves, will be based on the specific product size, type, weight and other reasonable use, such as in carrying heavy or bulky goods stored, the normal recommendation of heavy shelves, and a wide range of items, and less weight will recommend the attic shelves and so on, Or a combination of different kinds of shelves.

3. Shelf design aspects 

A wide range of electrical business, may involve shoes, cosmetics, home appliances and so on, for example, for footwear products, design separator board, so as to prevent different brands, shoe code channeling, cosmetics can be designed to classify specific boxes, in addition to the design of the installation of a network shelf and back nets to prevent the goods fall.

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