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How To Improve The Efficiency Of Warehouse Through The Shelf Planning!
Jul 18, 2018

For most of the current warehouse, logistics center operation, almost all focus on the building of warehouses, buy equipment, the traditional work to expand, but on the contrary, but neglected the more important day-to-day work-warehouse location planning and adjustment. As we all know, to realize the efficient distribution of logistics in supply chain is one of the decisive factors to win the competitive advantage.

No matter when or where, the manufacturer only chooses the most effective logistics warehousing and distribution method, can enhance the customer service level, can establish the competitive advantage. According to statistics, the traditional warehouse staff in the library of pure walking time accounted for more than 60% of the total operating time. In view of the above situation, according to the goods of material flow reasonable allocation of cargo, can obviously improve the operation efficiency. In combination with practical experience, we find that the location planning is an important design consideration to determine the productivity of the warehouse. With a small amount of investment, to redesign and adjust the warehouse shelf, can achieve the operational efficiency, improve the user Service level of business objectives. How to make full use of the existing warehouse resources, reduce the warehouse operation cost and improve the customer satisfaction under the condition of minimum investment.

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