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Performance Of Heavy Duty Shelves
Jul 18, 2018

Heavy-duty shelf-type members of narrow roadway shelves. This is the heavy shelves both crossbeam-type shelf extension of the typical shelf type, which makes the general heavy racking into a density storage characteristics of the shelf type, so that the limited valuable high-rise warehouse space has been further utilized.

Compared to the heavy shelves of narrow roadway racks between each set of roadway more characteristic width, generally between the 1.6m~2m, by two sets of beam-type shelves connected together with a channel, only by a specific forklift can access cargo operations. Heavy-duty shelves for members of two-depth shelves. In fact, the two-depth shelves similar to narrow aisle shelves, they are called double deep shelves, fold deep pallet shelves. Seen from the appearance of the structure, more than the narrow aisle shelves two sets of beam-type shelves, which, in its storage of goods on the amount of response to increase. At the same time, further reducing the location of the channel space, equal to the further expansion of the limited capacity.

Dual-depth racking requires the use of a forward-shift stacker with a three-wheeled forklift to respond to the goods on the shelf operation. Heavy-duty shelves of gravity-like shelves. Gravity Racking is a good use of the Earth's own gravity and angle of the relationship between the displacement of goods, so as to achieve the purpose of warehousing process. This is one of the shelf types that have been improved by heavy beam racking, it adds a roller on the beam shelf at the same time to design a corresponding angle, the goods placed in the shelves of imports, using the role of deadweight, pallet from the import of a section of the sliding chute exit, gravity-type shelves are typical of the first out of the storage mode. In addition, heavy-duty mold shelves also belong to heavy class shelves. But they are most commonly used in such products such as molds, to assume the special cargo storage and turnover use.

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