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Teach You How To Maintain Shelves
Jul 18, 2018

One, to take care of light, heavy shelves at ordinary times when the goods are put in light, to ensure the stability of the shelves of security, will not damage the shelf factory; second, to pay attention to the high level of light goods, lower levels of heavy goods, the use of the weight of the goods themselves to stabilize the shelves, is Third, waterproof, in general, our shelves are placed indoors, but also do not rule out humid weather, although the shelves have spray paint, but the sun after damp, the time may rust, thus affecting the service life; four, do not super high weight, storage shelves between the goods and the floor should be left between the space of not less than 100MM. Different specifications of the shelves are based on load-bearing design made. So the shelves we put on are not overweight.

Warehouse cargo manager should be on the shelf to do a load-bearing limit label shelf; Five, do not collide, shelf suppliers according to different shelves, channel width and delivery tools are provided with matching anti-collision column. In the channel position should be security collision barrier.

The installation of Anti-collision column plays a very important role in protecting the shelf upright. Six, do not exceed the width of the super size, this is the size of the card, commonly used card board specifications in the long width of 0.8 meters-1.2 meters.

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