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The Characteristics Of The Shelves
Jul 18, 2018

1. Elegant appearance, strong structure, diverse specifications, design style with the times, supermarket shelves is a single double-sided shelves can be combined, one-sided shelves can be combined with the corner, double-sided can be matched with a semicircle, the interval can be arbitrary adjustment, appear noble and generous;

2. The appearance of luxury, elegant color, and modern store environment into one, creating a new concept of business;

3. Raise the root of the supporting arm, increase the capacity to support, so that the width of the plate, the length of the increase, to meet the large shopping malls the capacity of mega-goods;

4. The surface uses the epoxy resin electrostatic spraying treatment, has many kinds of colors, and has the extremely strong anticorrosion, antirust effect;

5. Easy installation, a variety of hanging with any choice;

6. Column and footings conjoined welding, increase the shelf Pau, to prevent the shelves in the heavy strong state under the gradient, to eliminate hidden trouble;

7. Good versatility, equipped with a variety of merchandise display special accessories, suitable for the needs of integrated supermarkets;

8. Surface treatment shot blasting derusting, oil removal, surface spraying.

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